Máy sục khí tam hoa Y14IA - 1500

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Máy sục khí tam hoa Y14IA

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Chia sẻ :
Các tính năng chính :
-Bánh xe được làm bằng hợp kim chắc chắn, bề dày dao động, độ cứng phù hợp và tuổi thọ dài hơn.
-Thiết kế động cơ tiên tiến hiệu suất cao, công nghệ sản xuất tiên tiến.
-Độ an toàn cao, độ tin cậy, tiệm kiệm năng lượng và hiệu quả động cơ cao.
-Phao nhựa chất lượng cao (PE).
-Sử dụng thép không gỉ và chịu nhiệt cao, thời gian sử dụng cao.

Main Characteristic:
-The gear is made of chrome-maganese-titanium allow steel, designed with surface nitrocementaion, and matched with reasonable hardness, featured of longer sercice life.
-Weldless fabricated impeller is employed and featured of high concentricity, stable operation and easy tramsportation.
-Relying on advanced mechanical and electrical performance design, high-quality copper-enameled wire, high-grade insulation and developed production processes, the safety, reliability, efficiency and energy-saving performance of the motor have been significantly improved.
-As required by client, a protector is added to prevent the motor from being accidentally burned out.
-The floating ball is made of integral plastic (PE).
-As required by various service enviroments and different clients, integral plastic (PE) floating impeller can adopt engineering plastic, stainless steel and high-quality steel-plate hot galvanizing impellers, so that its service life in seawater or strong corrosive water could be extended without regular replacement of impeller or painting


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